Phonm Penh

March 2015 Cambodia

Next, the team continued east to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. We were excited to change lives with the help of sponsor Rasvir Mustan with his sons Keriden and Kershwin, representing Fight Night, and longtime friends Marlee Matlin and Jack Jason. The Cambodian Red Cross, HOPE Cambodia and All Ears International were incredible partners who helped the mission run smoothly.

During the hearing mission, we had the pleasure of meeting many “Grannies” — elderly Cambodian women who use storytelling to verbally pass on elements of history that were lost during the tragic genocides. These women are single-handedly keeping aspects of Cambodian culture alive for future generations. Many were suffering from hearing loss and losing their ability to tell these critical s tories. We were able to restore their hearing, helping ensure the tradition continues for years to come.

The last time we visited Cambodia, we shared a story about Sang — a young girl fit by Tani Austin, and with whom she made an instant connection. Sang and her mother came to see us in Phnom Penh, and to our delight she has blossomed with hearing. Previously a quiet, reserved girl, now she was full of laughter and smiles. Her mother reports that Sang is doing great in school and that the gift of hearing has changed their lives forever.

Special Thanks

Cambodian Red Cross – Phnom Penh; HOPE Cambodia: Freddy Kuan; All Ears International: Glyn Vaughn, Seya and Hannah; Marlee Matlin; Jack Jason; Yank Barry/Fight Night: Rasvir, Keirden and Kershwin Mustan; Gallaudet University Students: Cassandra Feltner, Bridget Meehan, Jillian Barney, Kasheen Schultz, Mary Garvert, Rachel Pomycala, Sarah Lively

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